Sant Kreal Ra Sant Kreal Halva

International Champion
Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Belarus
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Romania
Champion of Moldova
Young Champion of Ukraine
Best Puppy Chebotaryeva Cup 2012
DCR Junior Club Winner 2013
Best Male Chebotaryeva Cub 2014
HD-A( Germany)
EKG, ECHO, Doppler , Holter-24h  (March 2017)

Russian Champion
RKF Champion
IPO & ZTP in preparation
HD-A (Germany)
EKG, ECHO, Doppler  (Sep  2017)


Puppies were born on 08.12.2017


We have available males. Puppies are super quality – excellent type and anatomy, best temperaments.

Very promissing for the show/work/breeding

Could be the best family members

Can be cropped by inquiry, will vaccinated by age

We search only the best owners and  can ship puppy to any country in the world







Sant Kreal RA Maxim di Altobello Icarus di Altobello Ferrofarah Gomez di Campovalano
Nikita for Eternity
Daria Deniz di Altobello Garangolden di Campovalano
Nadja Nikita di Altobello
Sant Kreal Terpsichore Sant Kreal Zeus Urbano del Diamante Nero
Sant Kreal Ukrashenie
Teraline Amore Mia for Sant Kreal
Gino Gomez del Citone
Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai
Sant Kreal Halva Sant Kreal Zeus Urbano del Diamante Nero Victor Vito del Rio Bianco
Indiana del Diamante Nero
Sant Kreal Ukrashenie Sergius Aleksandrija Rerikh
Sant Kreal Karmen
Sant Kreal Jaantje Teraline Midgard Pako Daker
Teraline Aurora
Sant Kreal Galaxy

Nitro del Rio Bianco

Sant Kreal Baronessa Bravo



Breeder: Elena Kruglova, "Sant Kreal" kennel
Address: Kolkhoznaya 28, Valday, 175400, Russia
Phone: +7 81666 29-120
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.