Tahi-Reme Zeus Delta del Naissus

ZEUS at 12 month…IDC 2017– 27 starters - excellent 6
ZEUS at 25 month…IDC 2018 – Intermediate class- excellent 2 (Vice Champion)
ZEUS at 32 month… 2019  -  passed Campionato class at AIAD, Trofea Pezzano – excellent 6
Youth class: 14 x Youth winner  (4 x Jg. BOS + 2 x Jg BOB )
Austrian Youth Champion
Slovakian Youth Champion
Czech Youth Champion
International Championate
Hungarian Championate
Czech Championate
Slovakian Championate
Austrian Championate
German ZTP V1A (judge Mr. Rudi Killmaier)
4x BOB,
4x BOS
3x CACIB Res.
17x CAC
4x CAC Res.
IPO 1    
Willebrandt: negative
Eyes: Cataract free
HD B (Germany)
Elbows free
DNA tested, DNA profile: homozygous black (Genotyp D/D)
CARDIO free 24h Holter EKG + Ultrasound (Dr. M.Markovic)

Champion of SERBIA
Champion HDK
Young Champion of SERBIA
vWD - carrier


Puppies were born on 12.12.2019


We have 7 black males and 3 black females


Videos at 2,5 months

violet male - IVAN





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F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell

Grej Ginga House



Breeder: Aleksandar Vukanac, Kennel "del Cuore Nero"
Address: Dusana Radovica 1b, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +38163 234 989 Viber, whats up, messenger
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.